Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy


What  is  the  Wyoming  Cowboy  Challenge  Academy (WCCA)?

The WCCA is a two-phased voluntary program geared toward Wyoming’s 16-to-18 years old at-risk youth. The first phase is a 22-week or 5.5 month residential program followed by a 12-month post-residential or at home second phase. The Residential Phase of the program takes place in a safe, disciplined and motivational environment that promotes structure, teamwork, self-control and academics along with leadership, health, community service, life skills, job skills, physical fitness and citizenship.

The Post-Residential Phase takes place after graduation from the Residential Phase and is a time when the cadet uses the skills learned in the Residential

Phase through their placement in either a job, further education, or the military. The cadet is matched with a mentor during the Residential Phase and this

mentor helps guide the cadet during the 12-month post-residential period.

Class 24 Orientations, which last approximately 3 hours, are scheduled for:

1300-1600 hours on Friday, 21 Nov  2014

1000-1300 hours on Saturday, 22 Nov 2014

1300-1600 hours on Friday, 5 Dec 2014

1000-1300 hours on Saturday, 6 Dec 2014

1000-1300 hours on Saturday, 20 Dec 2014

Interested youth, applicants, accepted applicants and parents/legal guardians are highly encouraged to attend Orientation.  Orientation will help you/your child determine if WCCA is a good fit and will contribute toward achieving your/their goals.  All Orientations are held at the WCCA campus located on Camp Guernsey. If you are planning to attend Orientation you must contact WCCA Recruiting to reserve space at one of the Orientation periods listed above or if you have questions about attending an Orientation.  WCCA Recruiting can be reached at 307-836-7512.

Have the “Courage to Change!”  Last day to submit applications for Class 24 is Monday, 22 Dec 2014

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For more information please call 1-844-996-9222 or 1-844-WYO-WCCA.

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